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Wendekreisen Travel offer quality rental campervans & motorhomes and rental cars in New Zealand.

All our motorhomes and campervans come fully equipped with everything you need to make your New Zealand touring holiday a fantastic experience.

With 8 models to choose from, to sleep 2 - 6 people in comfort, we have a vehicle to suit your touring needs and budget.

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

Wendekreisen Insurance

10. Insurance Options For Rental Campervans
Wendekreisen offers three types of insurance options. The Hirer acknowledges that he/she has been informed about all insurance options prior to commencing the hire. The Hirer is liable for the insurance excess that applies to each insurance claim. The options are:
1. Compulsory Standard Insurance
NZ$20.00 per day with an excess of NZ$1500 for drivers over 25 years (NZ$2000 for drivers of 21 to 24 years, GST included) for any one damage. A credit card imprint is sufficient. Please note that the excess applies to each single vehicle accident and loss or damages to third parties, the rental vehicle and its accessories.
This insurance option is capped at 50 rental days or NZ$1000 per hire.
2. Standard Insurance With Tyre and Windscreen Cover
NZ$30.00 per day with an excess of NZ$1500 for drivers over 25 years (NZ$2000 for drivers of 21 to 24 years, GST included) for any single vehicle accident and NIL excess for windscreen and tyre damage (excludes service for changing a tyre). A credit card imprint is sufficient.
This insurance option is capped at 50 rental days or NZ$1500 per hire.
3. All Inclusive Package (Full Cover Insurance And Extras)
NZ$40.00 per day will reduce the excess for any one vehicle damage to NZ$250.00 (NZ$500 for drivers 21 to 24 years, GST included). Includes cover for all damages, compulsory standard insurance and windscreen/tyre cover (excludes service for changing a tyre). This package also includes all 'Optional Extras' and 'After hours collection/return Fees'.
This insurance option is capped at 50 rental days or NZ$2000 per hire.

12. Insurance Exclusions - The Hirer is at all times fully liable (without a monetary limit) for :
a. Any damage to the Wendekreisen vehicle or third party property if the terms of this rental agreement are breached
b. Damages caused by racing, speed tests or other contests
c. Damage caused by careless, willful or reckless driving
d. Damage caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
e. Damage caused by driving on restricted roads (see section 6)
f. Damage to or loss of any personal belongings
g. Damage caused by the use of incorrect or contaminated fuel
h. Damage caused by filling any vehicle holding tanks with an incorrect fluid or substance (e.g. diesel filled in the freshwater tank, water filled in the engine oil holding tank, etc.)
i. Damage caused by water submersion or salt water damage
j. Damage caused in an unsafe or unroadworthy condition that arose during the course of the hire and that caused or contributed to the damage and loss, and the Hirer or driver was aware or ought to have been aware of the unsafe or unroadworthy condition of the vehicle.
k. Cost to retrieve or recover vehicles which have become bogged submerged or abandoned
l. Cost to replace vehicle keys that have been lost or damaged or retrieval of keys that are locked in the vehicle
m. Damages caused by the use of snow chains
n. Damages due to overloading of the vehicle
o. Damages caused by entering height restricted carparks or any other structures that are lower than the vehicle height

If any of the above exclusions occur, the Hirer shall be liable for all resulting actual or consequential losses
incurred by Wendekreisen and it is at the sole discretion of Wendekreisen as to whether it shall lodge a
claim pursuant to the insurance cover.

13. Security Bond
A security bond equivalent to the insurance excess applicable pursuant to clause 10 or 11 is payable by the Hirer, but will not be charged on the return of the vehicle, provided that:
1. The vehicle is returned to the agreed location at the agreed time ($1000 penalty applies if breached)
2. Grey water tank and toilet have been emptied ($150 charge for toilet, $25 charge for grey water tank)
3. All traffic fines have been paid (otherwise your fine will be charged plus a $35 handling fee)
4. All toll road charges have been paid (otherwise your toll fee will be charged plus a $20 handling fee)
5. The vehicle is returned in a reasonably clean condition ($100 charge if not returned reasonably clean)
7. The vehicle is returned with a fuel level as marked on the damage sheet (charged at double fuel price)
8. The vehicle is returned with a full LPG gas bottle (charged at double the price of filling)
9. No items belonging to Wendekreisen have been lost or damaged
10. No damage is incurred to the vehicle or any 3rd party property
11. The insurance exclusions in section 12 have not been violated

All security bond payments must be made by Bank Transfer, EFTPOS or VI/MC Card. If paid by credit
card, an imprint will be taken, but not charged, unless the above conditions have not been met.

14. Handling Procedure of Speed and Parking Tickets and Toll Road Notices
The Hirer shall be liable for all parking and traffic violations relating to the vehicle during the period of hire. Wendekreisen does not query any issued fines and as it often receives traffic and parking tickets after a vehicle is returned it will charge any outstanding balance to the Cardholders’s credit card. Wendekreisen will not contact the Hirer prior and after the charges to his/her credit card but will explain the charges and send copies of the parking and traffic violations if contacted by e-mail or on the phone. Wendekreisen will charge a NZ$35 handling fee for each issued parking or traffic violation. Wendekreisen will charge a NZ$20 handling fee for toll road fees.